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He says that even though large social groups are different from small ones we are still understanding all the ways in. Download citation on jan 1, 2008, clay shirky and others published here comes everybody. Fitting our tools to a small world shirky discusses the fact that you are likely to find a connection with a random individual that you might meet on a plane. Here comes everybody catholic diversity by robert p. A revolution in social organization has commenced, and clay shirky is its brilliant chronicler. Managing crises and disasters with emerging technologies.

Shirky makes the slightly obvious point that there are three things any. Clay shirky, author of the interesting read, here comes everybody, has commented on how technologies that seemed trivial and pointless have shown their mettle outside the u. One of the cultures wisest observers of the transformational power of the new forms of techenabled social interaction is clay shirky, and here comes everybody is his marvelous reckoning with the ramifications of all this on what we do and who we are. He makes some interesting observations about professionals and the link between professionalization and scarcity. Penguin, 2008 the notes below are direct transcriptions, except for what appears in square brackets. Clay shirkys here comes everybody chapter 3 everyone. The power of organizing without organizations kindle edition by shirky, clay.

Our social tools remove older obstacles to public expression. He knows what works online, what doesnt, and why and he just might know whats next. The power of organizing without organizations speaking at harvard law schools austin hall on feb. The power of organizing without organizations clay shirky 304 pages penguin communications tools dont get socially. When clay shirky was a young boy he thought that the main technologies for the 21st century would be the atomic energy and the spaceships to travel throughout the milky way. The power of organizing without organizations clay shirky, author. Everyone is a media outlet shirky discusses the development of publishing and news distribution from scribes to printing to the internet. A revelatory examination of how the wildfirelike spread of new forms of social interaction enabled by technology. Here comes everybody publish then filter masscommons. Clay spent the majority of the discussion outlining the book. The power of organizing without organizations, the internet and the new social tools are so radically different from previous publishing and production tools think. A revolution in social organization has commenced, and clay shirky is its. Like lawrence lessig on the effect of new technology on regimes of cultural creation, shirky. Hi my name is lauren parr, and i chose to read here comes everybody.

Clay shirkys here comes everyone the idea of publish than filter is different from filter than publish in that the internet has allowed people to publish anything in real time. Clay shirkys writings about the internet, including open source software, web economics and social computing. Fearnley describes the coalescence of a disparate collection of vagabonds living in the squats of londons kings cross, with. The purpose of this short text is to summarize and. The result is the mass amateurization of efforts previously reserved for media professionals 55 not only is the. In a digital world, it no longer takes a senior figure like mark felt to leak. Clay shirkys here comes everybody chapter 3 everyone is a media outlet april, 2011 kellie powell the headline of clay shirkys chapter stated everyone is a media outlet, in his last few paragraphs he stated if everyone can do something, it is no longer rare enough to pay for it, even if it is vital. Shirky is interested in how social software can help humanrights protesters in. Widespread dissent, often rooted in appalling ignorance. The increased value of digital data comes almost entirely from its improved shareability, and if data is more shareable, there is a greater risk that it will be shared. My dominant response to clay shirkys sharing anchors community is to apply the notion of sharing to the social media sites facebook, twitter and youtube. I found myself constantly recognising personal experience of web use in what he described. Shipping the price is the lowest for any condition, which may be new or used.

In the developed world, the experience of the average twentyfiveyearold is one of substantial overlap between online and offline friends and colleagues. Pick up the key ideas in the book with this quick summary. Clay shirky, author of here comes everybody, isnt surprised. Complete webibliography for here comes everybody by.

Clay shirky, author of the just released here comes everybody. The power of organizing without organizations find, read and. The technology that made it possible to almost instantaneously and without a clear organization, assemble a. He explains that this is because people social connectedness follows a power curve. Has here comes everybody by clay shirky been sitting on your reading list. I had the good fortune to hear clay shirky speak last night at harvard law school. But clay shirky in this book does for the contemporary webuser what a thermometer does for the frog in gradually boiling water. A well respected figure, author of one of the most enlightening book on that very topic. The event was hosted by harvards berkman center as a leadup to their 10 year anniversary celebration. A woman named ivanna left her cell phone, a sidekick, in a new york city cab like hundreds of people do each year.

Here comes everybody is a memoir written by founding member and accordion player james fearnley, drawn from his personal experiences and the series of journals and correspondence he kept throughout the bands career. Clay shirky is very knowledgeable when it comes to anything new and innovative changing the way we communicate. Clay shirky and the cognitive surplus clay shirky is writer, consultant and a professor. Clay shirky may be the finest thinker we have on the internet revolution, but here comes everybody is more than just a technology book. Those of us who are catholics have had a rough few years. Here comes everybody has a refreshing interest in activism, rather than yet more digital pabulum for worried ceos. Here comes everybody blog with this transcript of shirkys speech on cognitive surplus from the web 2. The power of organizing without organisations, the book has enjoyed commercial and critical success. Whats next on the web social networking, user feedback and tweeting are now common web experiences. On the most basic level here comes everybody is about the impact new digital media technologies have had on the organization, maintenance, and power of groups. The power of organizing without organizations is a book by clay shirky published by penguin press in 2008 on the effect of the internet on modern group dynamics and organization.

This is an odd title but it is fitting given the contents of the chapter. Here comes everybody by clay shirky unite youth dublin. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Rental copies must be returned at the end of the designated period, and may involve a deposit.

A presentation for libr 287the hyperlinked library. Here comes everybody the power of organizing without organizations by clay shirky london. In this chapter, shirky gives an excellent reason why open source software beats marketed software, cost. The event also coincided with the release of clays new book, here comes everybody. Here comes everybody is a revelatory examination of how the wildfirelike spread of new forms of social interaction enabled by technology is changing the way humans form groups and exist within them.

Here comes everybody by clay shirky linkedin slideshare. Clay shirky on new book here comes everybody youtube. The power of organizing without organizations by oset babur here comes everybody clay shirky 2009 shirkys book discusses how social tools support group organization and communication in an entirely new way, one that was previously impossible. The power of organizing without organizations by shirky, clay isbn. Since the 2008 publication of clay shirkys here comes everybody.

The spread of the internet and mobile phones are changing how people come together and get things doneand sparking a revolution that, as clay shirky. Here comes everybody homework shirky clay here comes. Summary and commentary of clay shirkys here comes everybody. Here comes everybody chapters 9, 10, 11 summary here.

The summary of here comes everybody by amir h karbalaei. To her dismay, the sidekick contained a great deal of information for her upcoming wedding from contact information for the catering company to the. Here comes clay shirky one of the digital ages great thinkers talks to pw about his new book, cognitive surplus, web values, and the changing world of publishing. When we change the way we communicate, we change society shirky 2008, cited in. The author considers examples such as wikipedia, myspace, and other social media in his analysis. According to shirky, the book is about what happens when people are given the tools to do. The power of organizing without organization by clay shirky. When the barrier to returning something is high, we make peace with finders, keepers. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading here comes.

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