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Their best known publications are the magazines, the watchtower and awake. The cross is a pagan symbol and should not be used, reasoning from the scriptures, 1985, pp. Org, has manipulated millions of jehovah s witnesses into believing that god and the bible condemn blood transfusions. They say the term god, is merely a title, and that the real name for god is jehovah. So, one way of preventing other jehovah s witnesses from reading this book is by claiming im a former jehovah s witness.

But it is possible for you to effectively respond to a jehovahs witness. Watchtower books publications of jehovahs witnesses. The watch tower bible and tract society produces a significant amount of printed and electronic literature, primarily for use by jehovah s witnesses. Simply click on a link to view or download a publication.

Christians have great news to offer jehovahs witnesses. It is true with nonbelievers as well as jehovah s witnesses. So for jehovahs witnesses and islam, the agreement ratio. To be born again means to be begotten by holy spirit so as to have hope of a heavenly resurrection. Reasoning with jehovahs witnesses originated in the fall of 1984 as my attempt, through an independent bible study, to personally reinforce the teachings of jehovahs witnesses. My book, reasoning from the scriptures with jehovah s witnesses, will provide you with a formidable arsenal of biblical arguments you can use on the doorstep. In this video we examine the bible and the illustrations used by the watchtower and the reasoning book. One of the handbooks used by missionaries in the field is entitled reasoning from the scriptures. Reasoning from the scriptures with the jehovahs witnesses. Reasoning with jehovahs witnesses help for jehovahs. The jehovah s witnesses teach that reading a book by a former jehovah s witness is worse than reading pornography. In fact, of the six theological tenets above, jehovahs witnesses agree with islam on four, and christianity on zero. Biblically, however, viewing obedience to rules as a requirement for salvation nullifies the gospel gal. The watchtower was first published by charles taze russell, founder of the bible student movement, in 1879, followed by the inception of the watch tower society in 1881.

In the year 2000 in the united states alone, it was reported that 988,000 jehovah s witnesses spent more than 181 million hours in field service i. Jehovahs witnesses are more closely aligned to islam than to christianity. Not an easy read but well worth persevering and keeping it handy for the time when the knock on the door comes. As jehovah s witnesses, we strive to adhere to the form of christianity that jesus taught and that his apostles practiced.

Even the average jehovahs witness can make a doctrinal pretzel out of the average christian in about 30 seconds. Reasoning with jehovahs witnesses the watchmans post. Jehovahs witnesses admire the qualities he possessed as a man, but were we to give the honor and credit to pastor russell, we would be saying that the works and success were his. The watchtower says, today, the governing body represents the faithful and discreet slave class. The 11 beliefs you should know about jehovahs witnesses. And so celebrating holidays, even religious holidays, is seen as devil worship. For those christians who feel called to reason lovingly with jehovah s witnesses from the scriptures rather than shut the door, this is an excellent book. Each month jehovahs witnesses jws distribute millions of books, magazines, and pamphlets, in dozens of languages. We worship the one true and almighty god, the creator, whose name is jehovah. Reasoning from the scriptures with the jehovah s witnesses. It also includes, in the preface, my personal story. The group was originally called the watch tower society because founder charles taze russell published a magazine called zions watch tower and herald of christ s presence. The jehovahs witnesses teach that reading a book by a former jehovahs witness is worse than reading pornography. So, one way of preventing other jehovahs witnesses from reading this book is by claiming im a former jehovahs witness.

There was a similar arrangement in the first century. In theory, gods word, the holy bible is the only book that is actually viewed as holy by witnesses. Jehovahs witnesses state that gods true name is jehovah. For more than 30 years custom bookbinding has offered jw bookbinding services to help you take care of your precious books.

Our official website provides online access to the bible, biblebased publications, and current news. They dont participate because most are overwhelmed by fear and guilt at the mere thought of displeasing jehovah. Only 144,000 christians are to be born again, of whom approximately 9,000 are presently alive on earth. In this revised and updated version of the topselling reasoning from the scriptures with the jehovahs witnesses more than 90,000 copies sold, author and bible expert ron rhodes helps readers delve into the bible and use practical tools to share gods truths with those who come calling.

I was baptized as a jehovah s witness jw along with my wife in may of 1996. The reasoning for this rule is that jehovahs witnesses believe the celebration of holidays is a pagan ritual. Walter martin once said the average jehovah s witness can make a doctrinal pretzel out of the average christian in about 30 seconds. I progressed very quickly through the ranks of the jw organization becoming a ministerial servant deacon then an elder which in the jw organization is equivalent to a pastor in many other churches. Reasoning from the scriptures book see also watch tower publications appreciation for. However, jehovah s witnesses will study the new world translation of the holy scriptures nwt. The new world translation of the holy scriptures nwt is the name of the bible used worldwide by members of the jehovah s witness sect. In each case, show a different way to handle the conversation stopper im not interested in jehovahs witnesses. Reasoning from the scriptures with jehovahs witnesses by ron rhodes is an indepth analysis and critique of the major beliefs and doctrines of the jehovahs witnesses. Reasoning from the scriptures with the jehovah s witnesses, updated and expanded 9780736924511 by ron rhodes. Jehovah s witnesses publications are books, brochures, magazines and tracts published by the watchtower bible and tract society of new york for distribution by and personal use of jehovah s witnesses.

The more recent publications are used by jehovahs witnesses for their ministry and for their own personal study to understand jehovahs witnesses doctrine. Historical watchtower publications recent publications appear on the watchtowers official site at wol. Shockingly dark rules jehovahs witnesses live by therichest. Free bible study resources published by jehovahs witnesses. Jehovahs witnesses focus on god the father, so their name is taken from the tetragrammaton, written as yhwh or jhvh and articulated either as yahweh or jehovah. Older watchtower publications have also been scanned and made available on the internet archive at. It also contains virtually hundreds of strategic questions you can ask on the doorstep to make your points to jehovah s witnesses. It is used by jehovahs witnesses to support their worldwide work, which includes publishing bibles and biblebased literature. Some witnesses have had copies of the bible bound together with the reasoning book so that they might have both at hand in an easy to locate and easy to handle way for their ministry.

In fact they go so far as to say that unless one calls on the true name of god, jehovah, one cannot be saved. Jehovahs witnesses bookbinding high quality leather covers for your books adds a personal touch to your library and extends the lifespan of your bible, watchtower publications, and songbooks. I later wrote a shorter treatment titled most the 10 important things you can say to a jehovahs witness. Again, such actions ultimately serve to discredit the watchtower society, for no true follower of god finds. The title of this book is reasoning from the scriptures with the jehovah s witnesses and it was written by ron rhodes. The study is a collection of 800 bible verses that objectively and soundly refute the teachings of jehovahs witnesses, in favor of orthodox, conservative, biblical christianity. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. The watchtower society claims this work to have been made directly into english from hebrew, aramaic and greek. According to its charter, the corporations purposes are religious, educational, and charitable, in particular, to the watch tower bible and tract society of pennsylvania is a nonprofit corporation formed in 1884 under. If they think it is possible, show them from the reasoning book where it states that there cannot be another world war. Reasoning from the scriptures by watch tower bible and. Ron rhodes can help guide you through the very scriptures that jehovah s witnesses are trained to use to prove their theological positions can guide them to the love of jesus christ. Reasoning from the scriptures with jehovahs witnesses.

The two tenets jehovahs witnesses and islam disagree on are highlighted in italics. There are a number of religious groups claiming to be christian that deny the celebration of holidays to their members, including christmas, easter, birthdays, mothers day, etc. For sure, posing questions is a less offensive way to try to get people to think, as opposed to simply preaching at them. The first book i wrote on the subject was reasoning from the scriptures with the jehovahs witnesses, weighing in at a whop ping 464 pages. Strategies of the jehovahs witnesses catholic answers. Blood transfusions are a sin, reasoning from the scriptures, 1985, pp. Reprinted from the randall watters book, refuting jehovahs witnesses. Available to read online or download as mp3, aac, pdf and epub files in over 300 languages. The original scripture index has been replaced with one using the page numbers of this revision. Biblical answers to questions jehovah s witnesses ask buy on amazon buy on amazon europeuk for complete photocopied documentation purchase this book on amazon. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading reasoning from the scriptures with the jehovah s witnesses.

Most of the s are held by the watch tower bible and tract society of pennsylvania these publications were sold until the early 1990s. Dont let your next dialogue with a jehovah s witness turn you into a doctrinal pretzel. Jehovah s witnesses can technically do some of the things on this list, but they dont. Historical watchtower publications jehovahs witnesses. Christian conversations with jehovahs witnesses book. Reasoning from the scriptures with the jehovah s witnesses kindle edition by rhodes, ron. Books reasoning from the scriptures with the jehovahs. Again, such actions ultimately serve to discredit the watchtower society. Jehovahs witnesses believe that salvation requires faith in christ, association with gods organization i. Many of these are intended for non witnesses to try to convert them, but others are intended for witnesses themselves.

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