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The book accuses the germans of having abrogated the rights of indigenous namibians, and presents the south africans as committed to human rights. Caprivi, one of namibias provinces, is a geographically isolated corridor to the northeast of namibia which borders botswana, zambia and. The former caprivi strip does not form part of the territory of namibia, human rights advocate phil ya nangoloh argued from the witness stand in the main caprivi high treason trial yesterday. Travel books guide books and other namibian literature. Namibia and botswana selfdrive guide books tracks4africa blog. The controversial strip part one in this article, we chose to use the word controversial strip in the heading not because we as caprivians do not understand the events taking place in caprivi. Katima mulilo, which is sometimes shortened to just katima, had 28,362 inhabitants in 2010, it is located on the national road b8 on the banks of. The list is by no means complete and if you would like to book an accommodation establishment that does not appear please email us. Some 300 individuals were arrested for their involvement in the rebellion. Some 2 individuals, including the commander of the cla, john sambona, were. It is bordered by angola in the north, by zambia in the northeast, by botswana in the east, by south africa in the southeast and south, and by the atlantic ocean in the west.

Uprising in the caprivi bbc africa reporter caroline hawley looks at the background to the secessionist rebellion in the remote namibian province. The farm was the site of a german military station during the colonial period known as chamis lions fountain. Namibia, a former german colony, is situated towards the north west of south africa. Katima mulilo, namibia pana fear of rebel attacks is being blamed for the low number of tourists who visited caprivi region in northeastern namibia during this years easter holidays. After the first world war, the league of nations mandated south africa to administer the territory. Hundreds of namibians seek asylum in canada the namibian. Ndhovu lodge refreshingly, and surprisingly for the area, this lodge does not have the word river as part of its name. The caprivi strip is situated in the northeast of namibia and unlike the rest of the country is blessed with good rainfalls. Unlike other regions in namibia, the caprivi is something different.

The name caprivi or caprivi strip is still in common use although the region had been officially renamed to zambezi in 20. The caprivi strip in namibia is between botswana in the south, angola and zambia to the north, and okavango to the west. Here youll find detailed information on route planning, travel budget, best campsites and travel tips. The history of namibia has passed through several distinct stages from being colonised in the late nineteenth century to namibias independence on 21 march 1990.

Almost certainly the best guide book on namibia the author is an expert on the country and wellrespected in the travel trade within namibia as being a good guy. The blue book on namibia is published by the south african administration. Geography the caprivi is a tropical area, with high temperatures and much rainfall during the decembertomarch rainy season, making it the wettest region of namibia. Pdf land use practices in eastern caprivi, namibia. Mar 27, 2017 the obscure caprivi strip in northern namibia cuts through angola and botswana, making it a narrow strip filled with animals in a remote, unspoiled setting. The union s merger with the dominant namibian liberation movement, swapo, was a claim to end seperation and isolation, which, however, flarred up again. Caprivi is home to about 100,000 people, mainly lozispeakers, many of whom resent being ruled by the countrys ovambo majority, who also dominate the south west africa peoples organisation. Pdf land use practices in caprivis chagnging political. On offer is comfortable accommodation, a very shady campsite, bar, restaurant, swimming pool and a variety of activities, which include fishing, boat cruises, bird watching, canoeing, bicycles. Chobe national park in botswana is 43 mi from caprivi river lodge, while victoria falls in zimbabwe is mi away. Namibia blames savimbi for caprivi secessionist rebellion. This page describes the 1999 antigovernment uprising in namibia s caprivi strip region.

The influenza epidemic severely affects the central and southern parts of the country, resulting in high mortality rates. The rustic thatched ensuite chalets all feature ceiling fans, free bottled water, free toiletries and mosquito nets. Our second edition guide books feature detailed maps, suggested itineraries, and updated accommodation and camping information, all in a tough, new. Points of interest, game parks gem trek publishing on. Dear prime minister, the international bar association iba is writing to respectfully express its concerns over the treatment of the 122 defendants standing trial on charges of connection with the secessionist caprivi uprising of august 1999 in namibia. Kaokoland offers the opportunity to hunt huge springbok, along with eland, mountain zebra, gemsbok oryx, kudu. Caprivi is a narrow 400 kilometrelong strip of land stretching from the northeast of namibia across to the zambesi river, bounded by angola and. Situated close to the mahangu park in west caprivi this is an excellent stopover between namibia, maun in botswana and the victoria falls.

To mark what it terms the almost fouryear delay in trial proceedings, ai released a report on the issue yesterday. Namibias spindly northeastern appendage, the caprivi strip now officially known as namibias zambezi region, although the name is taking time to catch on. Secuirty scare adversely affects tourism in caprivi. History of namibia project gutenberg selfpublishing. Caprivi houseboat safaris lodge is an exclusive lodge nestled amid a lush green garden on the banks of the zambezi river, a few kilometers east of katima mulilo.

The attempted coup in caprivi was illplanned and badly executed. As we offer a variety of safaris to choose from, were sure youll be happy working with us. During world war i, german southwest africa now called namibia was invaded and administered by south african and british forces. Caprivi is the poorest region in the country with a human poverty index hpi of 36 per cent compared to an overall hpi average of 24. List of books and articles about namibian history online. Bennett kangumus book was originally submitted as a phd thesis, contestations over caprivi identities. You may want to purchase these to help plan your trip, to read during your travels or as a reminder of your namibian adventure. On these pages we have included a few of our favourite guest houses, lodges, hotels, pensions and game farms around namibia. With 31 listings in caprivi, our handy caprivi map search and great low prices, its easy to book the perfect holiday accommodation for your caprivi visit. Namibia also intervened in the second congo war, sending troops in support of the democratic republic of congos president laurentdesire kabila. Watch the wildlife gather in etosha national park, feel the soft sand of the sossusvlei red dunes, or drift through the waters of okavango. Caprivi not part of namibia ya nangoloh the namibian. The country is about 800 000 square kilometers big and borders on angola to the north and botswana in the east. The caprivi is an odd strip of land whose borders extend unnaturally towards the east, at the top right hand corner of namibia.

Caprivi, schuckmannsburg and luderitz were all names of senior german politicians during namibia s colonial era. Contents 1 background and early years 2 walvis bay and windhoek 3 the formation of the ovamboland peoples organization opo. In light of namibia s human rights obligations under these international treaties, the report examines the violations of the caprivi defendants pretrial rights, including torture and illtreatment, poor prison conditions, initial lack of legal representation, flawed investigations and denial of bail. Katima mulilo residents welcomed the move, which ended a duskto. Caprivi houseboat safaris river accommodation in namibia. Namibia hotels, accommodation in windhoek, lodges in the. Officially called the zambezi region since 20 although this name hasnt really caught on yet, its sandwiched between angola and botswana and stretches to the borders of zambia and zimbabwe. It also doesn t mean that we don t know the history of our motherland. Undjovo hunting safaris is focused on providing highquality service and customer satisfaction we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. Caprivi conflict project gutenberg selfpublishing ebooks.

Guests can enjoy the onsite restaurant, with packed lunches available on request. The caprivi houseboat safari lodge is located in katima mulilo in the zambezi region. Until the end of the 19th century it was known as intenga and under rule of the lozi kings, but later forming part of the british bechuanaland protectorate known as botswana today. Katima mulilo is a town situated in the caprivi strip and is the capital of the zambezi region, namibia s far northeast extension into central southern africa. Jul 18, 2019 german colonizers began developing agriculture and infrastructure in the region during the 1800s until 1915 when south africa took over its administration. It comprises two electoral constituencies, katima mulilo rural and katima mulilo urban.

Namibia s regional governor for the caprivi, bernard sibalatani, confirmed that the state of emergency had been lifted at midnight. Ya nangoloh said some of them are from the caprivi region, where there was an uprising in august 1999. Following world war ii, the league of nations was dissolved in april. Justice delayed is justice denied the caprivi treason. The caprivi conflict was an armed conflict between the namibian government and the caprivi liberation army, a rebel group that waged a brief insurrection in 1999 for the secession of the caprivi strip.

Designed as a resource for students, researchers and anyone interested in current events. We offer a booking service for all accommodation establishments in namibia. The armed uprising in the caprivi region in august 1999 was the latest manifestation of a secessionist movement among members of the lozispeaking ethnic groups in namibia which dates back several decades. Reviewing resistance in namibian history brings together the work of experienced academics and a new wave of young namibian historians architects of the past. Weve compiled a list of what we believe are the best guide books, novels, coffee table books and travel writing about namibia. The corona virus has a a devastating impact on the tourism sector in namibia. Caprivi the poorest region in namibia, says report the. The orange river marks the border between the two countries. Namibia and botswana selfdrive guide books edition 2. Yeyi speakers in botswana and in namibia regard the presentday caprivi strip. Discover delightful childrens books with prime book box, a subscription that. Police officers accused of torturing suspects after the 1999 separatist rebellion can only be prosecuted once the caprivi high treason case is over. Wars in the history of namibia war of the uukwanyama kingdom against neighbours, around 1810 war of the kololo people against barotseland, around 1820 goman torob. Namibia books, find the lowest price on new, used books, textbooks.

The caprivi conflict was an armed conflict between the caprivi liberation army cla, a rebel group working for the secession of the caprivi strip, and the. With an extensive list of namibian accommodation, book namibia is the premier platform for all your namibia holiday accommodation needs. As a result, a conflict began with the first clash occurring between the republic of south africas police force and the peoples liberation army of namibia. If you are looking for caprivi holiday accommodation, safarinow has a selection of tented camp, selfcatering, camping and caravanning holiday accommodation in caprivi and surrounds. Welcome to the most extensive site about the caprivi namibia, where you will find info on tourism, projects and all other aspects.

Lodges in zambezi caprivi region, the cardboard box. National parks of namibia a diverse suite of alternative breaks for travellers from the icy waters of the atlantic to the swamps of the caprivi, shimmering white fortresses to extraordinary plants, the sweeping landscapes, magnificent game viewing and. It should be published in the last year or two at the most. Following the war, its administration was taken over by the union of south africa, and the territory was governed under a trusteeship granted in 1920 by the league of nations. Where others wavered, the autobiography of sam nujoma is a genuine adventure in contemporary history, relating the story of swapo, nujoma and the people of namibia in their long struggle for the independence of namibia. A history of colonial isolation and regional nationalism in namibia. He also heads expert africa, which put together a good itinerary for us, and is more commercially independent than some agencies.

Namibia books, book price comparison at bookstores. Caprivi houseboat safari lodge book namibia accommodation. The zambezi region, until 20 known as the caprivi region, is one of the 14 regions of namibia, located in the extreme northeast of the country. During the apartheid era, the territory was used by the south african army as a launchpad for its operations in neighbouring angola. It is largely concurrent with the caprivi strip and takes its name from the zambezi river that runs along its border. They are working on a range of public history and heritage projects, from late nineteenth century resistance to the use of songs. Constituencies of namibia regions of namibia caprivi region karas r. Our campsites have power points, light, running water and a. The caprivi strip also is known as the okavango strip is a narrow protrusion of namibia eastwards about 450 km. Caprivi and the darkness documentary namibia 2004 youtube. Jamy traut hunting safaris has access to over an incredible 1 million acres of hunting ground, which is the largest continuous hunting area in namibia.

Opinion please, allow me to join my brothers and sisters from caprivi region who initiated the debate on silozi as being the dominant language over indigenous languages in caprivi region. He sees the hand of dr savimbi in the caprivi revolt, arguing that it is a move to forestall intervention by namibia in angola in. The caprivi strip, which stretches off its northern edge, extends between botswana and. Kangumu shows how the inhabitants of caprivi responded in various ways, notably in the form of regional nationalism when the caprivi african national union canu was formed in the early 1960s. Explorers map, namibia, includes caprivi game park. The inclusion of the strange shaped strip of land into namibia german south west africa was the result of negotiations between germany and other colonial governments at the end of the 19th century. Hemmed in by anglola, zambia, zimbabwe and botswana, it was a strategic south african military zone for a long time and for the tourist is a gateway to victoria falls. You might have noticed the caprivi strip on a globe or atlasits that 280milelong panhandle of namibia stretching improbably eastward toward zimbabwe.

On august 26, 1966, having become the republic of south africa, it continued its jurisdiction over southwest africa and refused to leave. Deal directly with establishments and book your accommodation in sossusvlei or your accommodation in etosha with ease on book namibia. The caprivi strip is a legacy of colonialism, a long finger of territory that pokes eastwads out of northern namibia, and runs along the borders with angola and botswana towards zambia and. Jutting out in the far northeast of namibia is a peculiarly shaped stretch of land the caprivi strip that seems to defy any logical border definitions. It offers decent base to explore the mudumu national park and the mamili national park which is seasonal. Aug 17, 2010 caprivi and the darkness explores the most northeastern region of namibia, the caprivi strip and the largest threat to its inhabitants, the darkness, the disease, the hiv. With the abundance of hippo, buffalo and elephant on their trek routes, this birders. The caprivi conflict was an armed conflict between the caprivi liberation army cla, a rebel group working for the secession of the caprivi. Our second editions feature detailed maps, suggested itineraries, and updated accommodation and camping information, all in a tough, new a4 format that makes route planning even easier. Camp kwando is a comfortable camp set next to the kwando river at the caprivi strip. Iba iba expresses concern over treatment of caprivi. Complete namibia trip itinerary from fish river canyon to caprivi strip, one month of self driving through the country. Farm mooifontein is situated 19 km south of helmeringhausen on the c14 near the main road to bethanie.

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